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Mega Joy

2014 March 19

What wondrous thing can take a person from extreme fear to extreme joy? Here is a hint: it has nothing to do with entertainment!

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Mega Fear

2014 March 18

What would cause a veteran shepherd to "shake in his boots?"

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Jesus Is The Prince of Peace

2013 December 30

Jesus is Peace Himself!

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Jesus Is The Everlasting Father

2013 December 29

Jesus and the Father are One!

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Jesus Is The Mighty God

2013 December 27

No hippies allowed!

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Jesus Is Our Counselor

2013 December 25

It took nothing less than God's creative power to reconcile us to Himself.

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Jesus is Wonderful

2013 December 23

There are over 100 names for the Savior in the Bible!

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Yes, I Have Lights On My House

2013 December 19

I can't have glass ornaments because my daughter used to try and eat them like apples when she was little.

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Why I Celebrate The Birth of Christ

2013 December 16

Notice I didn't say Christmas?

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