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2017 October 20

Jesus alone is worthy!

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The Letter to Sardis

2015 November 16

What does a dead church look like?

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A Message To Whom?

2015 October 01

Check the address of the letter before you decide what the letter means.

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Who Is Coming?

2015 September 30

The One Who is coming is our Prince who will not be late and He cannot fail!

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The Not-So-Secret Rapture

2015 September 21

Every eye shall see and every ear shall hear. Then, every knee shal bow!

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The Hope of His Appearing

2015 September 16

The return of Jesus should not be a subject of confusion or fear for the children of God. We should earnestly expect the return of our triumphant King!

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The New 12th Apostle

2015 March 06

Who is the true replacement for Judas?

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The Son and Savior of Man

2014 March 06

Jesus is both the Son of man and the Son of God!

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