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2017 October 18

When something is made manifest it does not come into existence at that moment. The manifestation is simply the revealing of something that has been there all along.

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Luke 13:10-13 The Art Loosed!

2017 February 03

"My chains are gone, I've been set free! My God, My Savior has ransomed me!" - Chris Tomlin

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Luke 2:38 Looking For Redemption

2016 December 29

When you meet someone looking for redemption, what do you tell them?

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Luke 2:29-30 Complete Salvation

2016 December 28

Jesus is the Great and Complete Redeemer!

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Romans 1:18 Wrath Revealed

2016 December 22

The gospel was not designed to divide the sheep from the goats.

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Romans 1:16-17 Faith To Faith

2016 December 21

The gospel is a God-centric DECLARATION.

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Romans 1:13-15 The Gospel's Audience

2016 December 16

For whom is the gospel designed??

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Romans 1:11-12 Established

2016 December 15

There is no room for ecumenical opinion-filled theology.

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Romans 1:6-7 Called To Be Saints

2016 December 14

The Bible is intended as instruction in discipleship for God's children.

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Romans 1:5 Obedience To The Faith

2016 December 13

We should not only believe the doctrines of grace, we should defend the honor of the Sovereign Redeemer by lovingly defending these doctrines to others.

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Doubting Thomas

2015 February 27

Skepticism can sometimes be an unhealthy thing.

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Matthew The Publican

2015 February 26

Jesus is the Friend of sinners!

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Triumphant Savior

2015 February 06

Salvation is by grace plus .... nothing!

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A Bruised Reed

2015 February 04

Jesus is an all-powerful Savior full of compassion.

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Free To Do Good

2015 January 26

does your system of belief allow for a certainty of salvation even if you make mistakes?

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What Manner Of Love

2015 January 20

We ARE sons, right now!

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Ye Might Be Saved

2015 January 08

Is Jesus hoping the unbelieving Pharisees will be saved to heaven?

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2015 January 07

There is soemthingab it that voice.

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Are You Alive?

2015 January 06

Which comes first, life or evidence of life?

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The Light Sprung Up!

2014 September 14

Surprise! Yes, that how grace works.

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The Ultimate Rebuke

2014 July 07

Hey Nicodemus, I think you missed a few scriptures.

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Cause and Effect

2014 July 05

How do I know if I have been born again?

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Who's In Control?

2014 July 04

I'm about to lose control. Oh, I never had it? I think I like that!

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Water & Spirit

2014 July 03

Do I need to get baptized in order to go to heaven?

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“We Know”

2014 July 02

Is our knowledge of scripture enough to justify our home in heaven?

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What Is Jesus Like?

2014 June 27

Who can stand against the judgment of a Holy God?

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Kinsman Redeemer

2014 May 11

He SHALL save His people from their sins!

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Redeemer & Judge

2014 May 10

Did Jesus try to redeem His people and fail?

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The Message of John the Baptist

2014 May 09

Was John the premier motivational speaker of his day?

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2014 April 29

Always begin and end with grace.

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Living in Peace

2014 April 19

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

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2014 April 18

Safe in God's love.

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The Book of Jude

2014 April 14

Earnestly contend!

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The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

2014 March 15

As sure as the sun rises...

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Jesus Rejected

2014 March 14

Why would He love us so?

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2014 March 13

What does it mean to be "with us"?

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Pop Quiz

2014 March 12

Do you believe in absolute sovereign grace? Take this quiz and see how you do!

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Living in Liberty

2014 February 28

Therefore, I live my life in liberty and service to the Lord!

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A Covenant Keeping God

2014 February 26

We have a sure anchor in Jesus Christ!

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Witness #2: Abel

2013 November 01

What made Abel Able?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 5

2013 October 11

Alright, I understand, I am not in charge. So how do I know if I have been born again?

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What Does It Mean To. Be Born Again? Part 4

2013 October 05

Immediate, irresistible Holy Spirit regeneration.

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What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? Part 3

2013 October 04

We must be born again! But how do we do that?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 2

2013 September 30

How do I get born again?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 1

2013 September 28

How much were you involved in making your natural birth happen? That is the point that Jesus is making in His conversation with Nicodemus. It is not what we must do but what God has done for us. That is grace, plus nothing.

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