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Our Response To Grace

2015 November 13

Do you want to be with Jesus all the time or is He an inconvenience for you?

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The Results of Grace

2015 November 12

What are the results of a single encounter with the Son of God?

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A Conversation With Jesus

2015 November 10

When Jesus speaks, we are changed.

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A Man Without Grace

2015 November 09

There was nothing short of the almighty power of God that could help the wild Gadarene, and it takes nothing less than the sovereignty of God to change the nature of a man dead in sin.

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God Brings Us To The Other Side

2015 November 04

God has decreed that all the elect will be with Him forever. Therefore, He draws them in the new birth and brings them to glory in the resurrection.

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Let Us Pass Over To Glory

2015 November 03

Jesus has declared that we will make it to glory on the other side. Therefore, we will make it to glory!

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Let Us Pass Over

2015 November 02

If God says we will pass over, we will pass over.

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God's Power vs. Our Faith

2015 October 30

God is not helplessly wringing his hands waiting for man to decide whether he will choose to accept God’s offer of salvation.

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The Sabbath: Jesus Sets The Record Straight

2015 January 15

Jesus sets the record straight, again.

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Purple Hair And A Nose Ring

2014 November 13

What does a Christian look like?

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More Than You Bargained For

2014 November 04


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Our Zeal For Others

2014 October 31

Run to the city of refuge!

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How Is Your Zeal

2014 October 30

Are you truly on fire for the Lord?

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Tell No Man

2014 October 29

Was Jesus trying to hide when He told people to not tell anyone about His miracles?

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I Believe In The Miracles Of The Bible

2014 October 28

Can't we just ignore the "fantasy" stuff and talk about Jesus?

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The Galilean Ministry

2014 September 29

Do we need to have a sell-out football stadium in order to spread the gospel?

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Should Our Preachers Be Married?

2014 September 26

Does God forbid preachers to be married?

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Unclean Spirits

2014 September 24

Should we be concerned about evil spirits and possession?

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2014 May 19

Tempted and tried we're oft made to wonder why it should be thus all the day long.

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The Holy Spirit Descends

2014 May 16

So was it a dove or not?

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2014 May 13

Live life on purpose.

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2014 May 08

Do you have to be baptized in order to have your sins taken away and go to heaven?

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Prepare The Way

2014 May 06

John's message turned the world upside down!

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The Gospel According To Mark

2014 January 09

A little history on Mark.

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Why Four Gospels?

2014 January 07

The Gospels: A Biography of our Lord

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4-Part Harmony

2014 January 06

I love to that good close harmony!

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