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2017 October 17

What happened on the cross?

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Romans 1:18 Wrath Revealed

2016 December 22

The gospel was not designed to divide the sheep from the goats.

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Romans 1:13-15 The Gospel's Audience

2016 December 16

For whom is the gospel designed??

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Astonished By Jesus

2014 September 22

Are you astonished at Jesus?

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The Kingdoms in Daniel

2014 September 16

When was the kingdom of God established on earth?

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The Good NEWS

2014 September 09

The good news of Jesus Christ should be declared as fact not presented as a possibility.

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What does belief look like?

2014 August 18

Does every child of God believe the same things about Jesus?

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The Power of Belief

2014 August 15

Belief does not make you alive in Christ but it sure does make you lively!

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Mega Joy

2014 March 19

What wondrous thing can take a person from extreme fear to extreme joy? Here is a hint: it has nothing to do with entertainment!

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