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Luke 13:18-21 Marching To Zion

2017 February 09

Are you marching on to Zion?

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Luke 13:10-13 The Art Loosed!

2017 February 03

"My chains are gone, I've been set free! My God, My Savior has ransomed me!" - Chris Tomlin

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Luke 12:49-53 Divisive Discipleship

2017 January 25

Jesus did not come to the earth to try and get people to "just get along."

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Luke 12:1 Beware of Hypocrisy

2017 January 23

Does your walk match your talk?

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Private Christianity

2015 May 06

The more private our devotion, the brighter our light.

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The Source Of Love

2015 January 30

Don't quench the desire to show love to someone.

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Put The World On Trial

2015 January 28

Be the noble Barean!

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A Deeper Love For Christ

2015 January 23

The more we love others, the more we feel we are loved by God.

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If You Love God, Show It!

2015 January 22

How do you prove your love of God?

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I Have No Man

2015 January 01

Without Jesus, we have no man, no help, and no hope.

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Continue In The Son

2014 November 28

How do we have continual fellowship with Jesus?

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Happy Thanksgiving

2014 November 27

Why should the last Thursday in November be a VERY special day for American Chrisitans?

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You Are Going To Love Something

2014 November 11

You are going to love something. Take care what it is!

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For The "Fathers"

2014 November 10

He is just the same today!

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Fight On!

2014 November 07

Christ has already won the war, let us fight on as victors in the fight of faith.

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More Than You Bargained For

2014 November 04


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2014 November 03

Are you blocking someone's way to Jesus?

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Our Zeal For Others

2014 October 31

Run to the city of refuge!

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How Is Your Zeal

2014 October 30

Are you truly on fire for the Lord?

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Stumbling Around In The Dark

2014 October 27

Somebody turn a light on in here, I'm killing my toes!

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Old & New Commandments

2014 October 24

Did Jesus and John change the commandments of God?

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Also So

2014 October 23

You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

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Fellowship With Believers = Fellowship With God

2014 October 06

How would you like to be full of joy?

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Church Is Who You Are

2014 October 02

Do you live the life God intended for you?

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Church Is Something You Do

2014 October 01

Are you a member of your church or are you an active disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?

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Your Galilean Ministry

2014 September 30

If you don't know what to do in God's kingdom, why don't you just ask Him?

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Forsaking All

2014 September 23

Are you truly all in for the Lord?

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The People Pressed To Hear Him

2014 September 19

How eager are you to hear the word of God preached?

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This Day

2014 September 11

It's 9/11 and Jesus still reigns!

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All In God's Time

2014 September 02

God knows His own.

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Life For and From Devotion

2014 August 28

What is the true source of life?

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Spirit and Truth

2014 August 27

Are you passionate about worship?

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2014 July 21

How ling has it been since you prayed? Well, that's just too long.

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2014 July 19

Is it your nature to want to be alone?

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Breaking of Bread

2014 July 14

Do this in remembrance of me.

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2014 July 12

Are you apt to learn?

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Still on the fence?

2014 July 10

After years in the church, are you still on the fence?

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Are You Ready To Worship

2014 June 26

Prepare yourself.

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What Seek Ye?

2014 June 14

Where the Lord is, there is peace.

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What Are You Waiting For?

2014 June 13

"If you tarry 'til your better, you will never come at all."

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2014 May 19

Tempted and tried we're oft made to wonder why it should be thus all the day long.

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Why Should I Be Baptized?

2014 May 14

I salvation is by grace, does baptism really matter?

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2014 May 13

Live life on purpose.

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I "Must"

2014 May 05

You were created on purpose for a purpose so live life on purpose!

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Pray For Us

2014 April 11

Pray that the word of God flow freely.

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Grandma Anna

2014 March 27

104 years old and still devoted to her Lord!

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First Day Back To Church

2014 March 25

Ooooo let me hold your baby!

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The Promise To Abraham

2014 February 16

Her Son is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

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Amen, Let's Go!

2014 February 04

If we find ourselves silent after a good sermon, are we more like Mary or Zacharias?

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Walk in Wisdom

2014 January 04

Redeem the time!

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Walk in the Light

2014 January 03

Hey, wake up and walk!

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Walk in Love

2014 January 02

It's not about you!

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We're Following The Leader

2014 January 01

Do you want to be as happy as Jesus?

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Who Is The Boss?

2013 December 14

Thankful living on the job.

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Because God Said So

2013 December 12

Paul makes this easy to understand, so I will try not to complicate it here.

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Quit You Like Men!

2013 December 11

Husbands and Fathers, God is asking, “Are you acting like Christ in your home?”

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God's Family Design | The Wife

2013 December 10

The Thankful Wife

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A Righteous Life Is A Thankful Life

2013 December 09

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus

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Witness #20: The Prophets

2013 December 07

We Have It Better Than The Prophets

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Witness #19: Samuel

2013 December 06

A Voice In The Night

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Witness #18: David

2013 December 03

The Giant-Slayer Who Would Be King

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Witness #17: Jephthah

2013 December 01

The Outcast Hero

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Witness 16: Samson

2013 November 29

Mischievous Faith

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Witness #15: Barak

2013 November 28

Some women can give you the worst headaches.

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Witness #14: Gideon

2013 November 27

The sword of the LORD, and of Gideon

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Witness #13: Rahab

2013 November 26


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Witness #12: The Battle of Jericho

2013 November 25

And the walls came tumblin’ down!

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Witness #11: Moses

2013 November 24

Faith in a name that he doesn't even know

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Witness #10: Moses' Parents

2013 November 23

Faith enough to bring down a king!

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Witness #9: Joseph

2013 November 21

Bury my bones back home!

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Witness #8: Jacob

2013 November 16

A cross-handed blessing.

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Witness #7: Isaac

2013 November 15

A blind blessing.

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Witness #5.5: Abraham

2013 November 14

God will provide himself a lamb.

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Witness #6: Sara

2013 November 13

Is anything too hard for the LORD?

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Witness #5: Abraham

2013 November 12

Get out and go!

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Witness #4: Noah

2013 November 11

Rain? What’s Rain?

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Witness #3: Enoch

2013 November 06

Take a walk with God.

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Witness #2: Abel

2013 November 01

What made Abel Able?

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Witness #1: Creation

2013 October 29

Who am I that God even notices me?

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2013 October 28

By God's grace we can now run a life of righteous joy!

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A Sacrifice Worth Making

2013 October 26

A review of Romans 12:1-2

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Fill in The GAPs of your life.

2013 October 23

G - Good A - Acceptable P - Perfect

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Prove God

2013 October 22

Our obedience does no make us children of God but it proves to US that we are His children.

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It's Time For A Renovation

2013 October 21

The best home improvements gut out the old and replace it with the best!

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Be Not Conformed

2013 October 19

How are you FORMing your life?

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Be Reasonable!

2013 October 17

It is only logical to serve the Lord with all our life.

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Living the Life!

2013 October 16

Die to the world and live unto Christ!

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By The Mercies Of God

2013 October 15

By God’s mercy, we have ability, strength, and desire to be All In for Him.

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Are You All In?

2013 October 14

How can I be sacrificed and still be alive?

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