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Romans 2:13-15 A Parenthetical Thought

2017 April 04

The preaching of the gospel is NOT the instrument God uses to make a man righteous.

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Romans 2:1 You Are Guilty Too!

2017 March 31

Being "good enough" is not enough.

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Romans 1:23-32 The Whirlpool Of Depravity

2017 March 29

No matter how much a man considers himself to be more righteous than his neighbor, without grace, no one escapes his inherited nature.

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John 10:24 Jesus Secures The Elect

2017 February 16

The elect are safe in the PRESERVING hands of Jesus.

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Romans 1:22 "Wise Fools"

2016 December 30

Atheism is a logical absurdity.

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Luke 2:38 Looking For Redemption

2016 December 29

When you meet someone looking for redemption, what do you tell them?

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Luke 2:29-30 Complete Salvation

2016 December 28

Jesus is the Great and Complete Redeemer!

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Romans 1:18 God HATES Sin

2016 December 24

God does not cause, passively permit, or use sin. God hates sin. PERIOD.

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Romans 1:18-20 Innate Moral Knowledge

2016 December 23

Every human has an innate knowledge of right and wrong.

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Romans 1:18 Wrath Revealed

2016 December 22

The gospel was not designed to divide the sheep from the goats.

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Romans 1:16-17 Faith To Faith

2016 December 21

The gospel is a God-centric DECLARATION.

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Romans 1:16-17 Unto Salvation Part 2

2016 December 20

A text without a context is a pretext. - Elder Sonny Pyles

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Romans 1:16-17 Unto Salvation Part 1

2016 December 19

"A text without a context is a pretext." - Elder Sonny Pyles

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Romans 1:13-15 The Gospel's Audience

2016 December 16

For whom is the gospel designed??

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Romans 1:11-12 Established

2016 December 15

There is no room for ecumenical opinion-filled theology.

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Romans 1:6-7 Called To Be Saints

2016 December 14

The Bible is intended as instruction in discipleship for God's children.

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Romans 1:5 Obedience To The Faith

2016 December 13

We should not only believe the doctrines of grace, we should defend the honor of the Sovereign Redeemer by lovingly defending these doctrines to others.

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Separated For The Offering

2016 December 09

Mary marked out our Lamb for us.

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Luke 10:25-28 How To Inherit Eternal Life

2016 November 28

Inherit eternal life in just two "easy" steps.

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Our Response To Grace

2015 November 13

Do you want to be with Jesus all the time or is He an inconvenience for you?

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The Results of Grace

2015 November 12

What are the results of a single encounter with the Son of God?

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A Conversation With Jesus

2015 November 10

When Jesus speaks, we are changed.

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A Man Without Grace

2015 November 09

There was nothing short of the almighty power of God that could help the wild Gadarene, and it takes nothing less than the sovereignty of God to change the nature of a man dead in sin.

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Saved Without Our Faith

2015 November 06

Jesus cannot deny His own name. He SHALL save His people from their sins.

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Preserved Before The Storm

2015 November 05

We were preserved in Jesus Christ even before the journey and storms of our life began.

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God Brings Us To The Other Side

2015 November 04

God has decreed that all the elect will be with Him forever. Therefore, He draws them in the new birth and brings them to glory in the resurrection.

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Let Us Pass Over To Glory

2015 November 03

Jesus has declared that we will make it to glory on the other side. Therefore, we will make it to glory!

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Let Us Pass Over

2015 November 02

If God says we will pass over, we will pass over.

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God's Power vs. Our Faith

2015 October 30

God is not helplessly wringing his hands waiting for man to decide whether he will choose to accept God’s offer of salvation.

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3 Days & 3 Nights - Literally!

2015 August 17

The details do matter!

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The Will of Christ

2015 July 06

Thy will be done!

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The Salvation of Belief

2015 March 27

The salvation of the gospel is a sense of joy and liberty when we trust in the finished work of Jesus.

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Exceeding Righteousness

2015 March 24

Do I just need to be better than my neighbor in order to get to heaven?

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Fulfilling the Law

2015 March 23

What does it mean to "fulfill the law and the prophets"?

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Triumphant Savior

2015 February 06

Salvation is by grace plus .... nothing!

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A Bruised Reed

2015 February 04

Jesus is an all-powerful Savior full of compassion.

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Free To Do Good

2015 January 26

does your system of belief allow for a certainty of salvation even if you make mistakes?

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Who Spoke to Moses in Mount Sanai?

2015 January 09

Did Jesus speak in the Old Testament?

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Ye Might Be Saved

2015 January 08

Is Jesus hoping the unbelieving Pharisees will be saved to heaven?

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2015 January 07

There is soemthingab it that voice.

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Are You Alive?

2015 January 06

Which comes first, life or evidence of life?

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Some Things Just Don't Go Together

2014 December 02

Do you worship the New Testament way?

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2014 December 01

Should we fast? If so, why?

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Continue In The Son

2014 November 28

How do we have continual fellowship with Jesus?

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2014 November 19

What does your favorite star or newscaster think about Jesus?

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The Last Time

2014 November 18

When will Christ reign?

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The Light Sprung Up!

2014 September 14

Surprise! Yes, that how grace works.

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The Religious Leaders Doubt, As Usual

2014 September 12

What does your Jesus look like?

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The Acceptable Year of the Lord

2014 September 10

God is not limited or bound by our time table or plans.

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The Good NEWS

2014 September 09

The good news of Jesus Christ should be declared as fact not presented as a possibility.

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Bible Study

2014 September 08

Are Bible Studies scriptural?

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Faith & Testimony

2014 September 06

The faith given in the new birth is independent of gospel faith.

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What does belief look like?

2014 August 18

Does every child of God believe the same things about Jesus?

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The Power of Belief

2014 August 15

Belief does not make you alive in Christ but it sure does make you lively!

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Come To The Light

2014 July 28

Who wants to come to the light?

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The Most Famous Verse

2014 July 26

Is salvation offered or declared in John 3:16?

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Who Looked At The Snake?

2014 July 25

Who has the desire to look to the cross for salvation?

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The Son Must Be Lifted Up

2014 July 24

Jesus declares Who He is and what He must do!

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The Descending God

2014 July 23

The Messiah is no ordinary man.

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Shock and Awe

2014 July 22

Jesus blew away the religion of the day.

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Breaking of Bread

2014 July 14

Do this in remembrance of me.

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2014 July 12

Are you apt to learn?

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The Ultimate Rebuke

2014 July 07

Hey Nicodemus, I think you missed a few scriptures.

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Cause and Effect

2014 July 05

How do I know if I have been born again?

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Who's In Control?

2014 July 04

I'm about to lose control. Oh, I never had it? I think I like that!

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Water & Spirit

2014 July 03

Do I need to get baptized in order to go to heaven?

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“We Know”

2014 July 02

Is our knowledge of scripture enough to justify our home in heaven?

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The Jews' Passover

2014 June 24

Who is required to continue observing the Passover.

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The First Recorded Miracle

2014 June 20

Are there other gospels?

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Don’t Tempt God

2014 June 10

Are you dead in sin or dead to sin? There is no third option.

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The Holy Spirit Descends

2014 May 16

So was it a dove or not?

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Why Should I Be Baptized?

2014 May 14

I salvation is by grace, does baptism really matter?

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Kinsman Redeemer

2014 May 11

He SHALL save His people from their sins!

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The Message of John the Baptist

2014 May 09

Was John the premier motivational speaker of his day?

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2014 May 08

Do you have to be baptized in order to have your sins taken away and go to heaven?

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Into, At, or Nearby

2014 May 07

What does Biblical baptism look like?

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2014 April 29

Always begin and end with grace.

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2014 April 28

Build up the Body of Christ!

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Avoid Evil Men

2014 April 27

Stay away!!!!

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The Prophecy of Enoch

2014 April 26

God will judge wicked men and false teachers.

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God's Clear Description of False Teachers

2014 April 25

Jude points out how bad these false teachers really are.

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God's Condemnation Of False Teachers

2014 April 24

They know better than to act that way!

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God Hates Sin

2014 April 23

Sin by any other name is still sin.

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2014 April 22

Did God predestinate that these men would sin?

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Earnestly Contend!

2014 April 21

I could have been a contender!

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Living in Peace

2014 April 19

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

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2014 April 18

Safe in God's love.

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2014 April 17

God never saves anyone halfway.

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2014 April 16

The beginning of grace toward men.

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So, Why Is Mary So Happy?

2014 February 11

She rejoiced in the sovereign power of God and was not ashamed to say that God did it all!

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Magnificent Rejoicing

2014 February 10

Words mean something. God is either sovereign or not.

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The Blessing of Belief

2014 February 09

Jesus did not come to make salvation possible. He came to save!

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 5

2013 October 11

Alright, I understand, I am not in charge. So how do I know if I have been born again?

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What Does It Mean To. Be Born Again? Part 4

2013 October 05

Immediate, irresistible Holy Spirit regeneration.

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What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? Part 3

2013 October 04

We must be born again! But how do we do that?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 2

2013 September 30

How do I get born again?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 1

2013 September 28

How much were you involved in making your natural birth happen? That is the point that Jesus is making in His conversation with Nicodemus. It is not what we must do but what God has done for us. That is grace, plus nothing.

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The Mighty and Merciful Hand of God

2013 July 27

Elder Bryce’s journal of how God delivered Elder Vernon Johnson home from South Africa when he became gravely ill.

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"Work Together"

2013 July 17

A Word Study on “Work Together”

I have found that the better I understand the meanings of words and how they are used in grammatical structure, the easier it is for me to understand any written or spoken communication. The same applies with the language of the Bible. Words mean ...

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